Bare PR product launch for GO Superfood

GO Superfood

Product Launch

New superfood range

Product launch for a new range of powdered superfoods.


GO Healthy asked us to introduce and profile its brand new sub-brand GO Superfood, comprising of a range of organic powdered superfoods such as Acai, Beetroot Powder, Camu Camu and Coconut Water. Our goal was to create awareness of this new brand, educate consumers on the product range, its benefits and how to use, and position GO Superfood as a must-have, modern superfood range via product placement, editorial features and social media activity.


To achieve this, we developed a strategy designed to educate media and therefore consumers, beyond simply the product range. We focused on how powdered superfood can be used in many recipes beyond your typical smoothie, inspiring creative baking and cooking as well as heroing the products’ health benefits.

We engaged Monique Satherley (Founder of and Kelly Gibney (food writer and founder of Bonnie Delicious) to create and test bespoke, original recipes using the product range, along with trending raw and organic ingredients. We then invited key food, beverage and lifestyle media to a mystery event where they were challenged to recreate the bespoke GO Superfood recipes in teams against the clock, before enjoying a shared late lunch to sample all the creations. A winning team was chosen under strict criteria by the judges, and each attendee received recipe cards and product to take home.


Media were surprised and delighted to learn how superfoods could be used beyond smoothies and incorporated into everyday recipes as well as being educated on the product range benefits to then share with consumers.

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