Why bare.pr -
today audiences are bombarded with a
massive amount of information.
They are forming opinions
about what they want to buy,
and align with.

Your voice and who you are and what you stand for is imperative, especially in today’s media landscape.

PR is a long term conversation strategy for building brand value.

We are the PR consultancy for brands who want to do business better.  A PR and brand communications consultancy specialising in natural, ethical and sustainable and are part of we are Collective Influence, 360 PR.

Making changemakers current is PR for the changemakers.

A sample of our services:

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All encompassing and often identifying what, why and how can go unseen. 

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A framework that establishes business goals and objectives. 

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Every business and company needs a social presence across digital platforms.

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Bringing together bespoke and curated one-off and multi day events.

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