Miri Skincare

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Miri Skincare


Bare.pr was given the opportunity to work with Miri Skincare and launch Miri Skincare Balm to media and consumers.

Miri Skincare Balm is a multi-purpose balm made with Kiwifruit Seed Oil, Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil, and contains no petrochemicals. Situated in the competitive category of multi-purpose skincare balms with long-established competitors, we needed to reach a wide and diverse audience.

Our goal was to create profile and awareness of the product, while educating media and Influencers about the balm’s all-natural ingredients, individually known for their healing properties, as well as what it does not contain. For mummy bloggers with young children, in particular, ingredient knowledge is crucial for their audiences and them.

We wanted to ensure that we placed Miri Skincare Balm into the hands of those who would not only use the product, but also understand the benefits of the natural ingredients to skin and the planet. As Miri Skincare Balm is such a versatile product, we were able to reach a cross section of media, from beauty and makeup artists and Influencers to mums and lifestyle media. We also reached out to media and Influencers who either themselves, or someone in their family had sensitive skin or skin concerns.


Miri Skincare featured in an array of print publications and was profiled by a large cross section of social media Influencers including naturopaths, food bloggers, mummy bloggers and print media.

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