Highwic Gardens

You Are Nature with Weleda

Brand Positioning

You are Nature focuses on the Weleda philosophy that we are all part of nature too. We spring from the natural world and are rooted in it just as much as the trees in the forest. We are not separate entities. We need to feel part of nature to function optimally. When we reconnect with nature and immerse ourselves in the natural world, we also reconnect with ourselves.

We wanted to put this into practice and encourage people to take a break from the busyness of life, to pause and reconnect with nature, with themselves and with each other.  Over a few months, we hosted two separate outdoor morning tea events in a natural environment, keeping each to a small group of women, allowing them breath fresh air, relax and personally connect with each other.  Each of the women attending, in their own way, embody Weleda’s philosophies, encouraging people to connect beyond surface level, especially in a world where technology often only allows us to take people at face value. Both venues were child friendly, alleviating stress for mothers attending.

Our first morning tea was held at the Auckland Zoo where ladies attending were treated with a lovely brunch right in the heart of the zoo so everyone could enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air and sounds of animals. The ladies were invited to walk around the zoo, many using the chance to see the animals, enjoy the green spaces and take the time to pause and enjoy all aspects of nature.

Our second event was held at Highwic Historic House. Situated right in the middle of Newmarket in Auckland, the house was built in the 19th century and boasts a beautiful garden, with sprawling lawns, a lovely walk through flower bushes and towering trees. We set ourselves up on the lawn and simply chatted and relished being in good company, enjoying a grazing platter and the beautiful surroundings.

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