Will&Able – a change catalyst’s TVC

Brand Positioning

From the seed of an idea, we were to secure change catalyst Will&Able, a partnership that would allow them to grow their brand and awareness. Will&Able are on a mission to build a business of significance that creates jobs and gives purpose to people with disabilities in the community. Their vision is that every New Zealander with a disability has an equal chance of employment like any able-bodied person.

Part of helping them achieve this, we were to assist in delivering and bring to life a TVC campaign, including sourcing and liaising a production team, working with them from concept to output, and securing a TVC schedule and project managing. Finally, a former New Zealand broadcaster, who had done his own research, and went above and beyond to help bring the scripts and concept to life on the day.

The whole project took on a life of its own, with added media opportunities. We were able to facilitate a follow up interview with current affairs program Seven Sharp, who had previously done a story on the Will&Able team over lockdown. They were onsite to film behind the scenes of the TVC filming day, and they got the chance to speak with the founder of Will&Able, along with their new corporate partner Aon, not to mention the staff who work behind the scenes.

Along with the Seven Sharp story airing during primetime, we pitched Will&Able into a number of news and lifestyle outlets and received multiple media placements, from news sites commenting on the brand and the work they do for the community, to lifestyle editorials covering stories of the staff and the brand, and there is more planned in the pipeline. Will&Able have been thrilled with the results and the momentum build. We are all excited to see the ongoing impact and positive change this will bring to the business.

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