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The conception of RevitaLash is a very special story. Established in 2006, RevitaLash Cosmetics began with just one product – the original lash conditioning serum – inspired by the immense love between the founder, Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D and his beloved wife Gayle, as a solution to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer.

RevitaLash New Zealand approached with exciting news. Gayle’s daughter, Dariel Sidney, also the Vice President of International Sales and Marketing of RevitaLash Cosmetics was set to visit New Zealand, along with Chief Marketing Officer, Lori Jacobus.  With a vision to introduce the message of RevitaLash to print media, social media and strengthen RevitaLash New Zealand’s relationship with stockists, proposed three separate events tailored to each group.

In the heart of the city at the ever-popular restaurant, Ostro, we gathered 50 of New Zealand’s most influential beauty and social media personalities to celebrate the RevitaLash story. personalized the Ostro experience to fit perfectly with RevitaLash branding; as well as an impressive media wall, lighting and beautiful photography, bespoke black ‘RevitaLash Cocktails’ were offered on arrival to compliment exquisite canapes.  All three RevitaLash representatives gave inspiring presentations that was captured by Red Carpet TV and featured the following week on their channels.  As well as having a vibrant evening of beauty and socializing, guests went home with a true sense of what RevitaLash stands for, and a custom packed goodie bag with a personalized note.

The following day, 22 printed media from New Zealand’s leading publishing houses arrived at the exclusive and private The Northern Club for a morning filled with beautiful food, florals and plenty of beauty related conversation. Accompanied with a presentation and question and answer session facilitated by Dariel and Lori, hosting key print media was an excellent opportunity for media to hear first-hand how & why RevitaLash came about and why this will always remain their mission.

The final RevitaLash event, the stockist event, was extremely important for both RevitaLash New Zealand and RevitaLash International. The objective was to build stronger relationships between RevitaLash and their core stockists, update them on upcoming releases and unveil the updated RevitaLash branding. Held at the beautiful Corp Studio, 30 stockists enjoyed a variety of vegan nibbles and drinks and gained a new perspective on the RevitaLash brand, story and products.

By producing three bespoke events, we created space for all messages, from brand story to market technical to retail centric, to be heard by targeted audiences. Collectively, the events saw a rise in local positive brand sentiment, leading RevitaLash New Zealand to  record sales and ongoing relationships with social and print media.


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