Nude by Nature Lip Collection

Product Launch

Beauty myth has it that the average lipstick wearing person consumes anywhere between 4 and 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. While we can’t confirm this, there’s no denying it is absolutely possible that a large amount of the product we apply to our lips could end up being ingested. Considering the average lipstick wearer can’t even pronounce the ingredients of their lipstick, this can be a scary thought!

Enter, Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection. Dedicated to their 100% Natural and cruelty free roots, the Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection only contains ingredients that are good for you.  Nude by Nature lipsticks have been formulated free from parabens, carmine, petroleum waxes, silicones, coal tar dyes, or any synthetics making them an exciting addition to leading makeup retailers around the country.

To celebrate the launch of this beautiful Lip Collection, invited 70 leading media, social, makeup personalities and key stockists to come together for a unique showcase of the collection, prior to the on-counter date. Held in an exquisite gallery setting in central Auckland, the Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection was displayed against a bespoke ombre fabric art wall, highlighting the colour stories nude, blush and berry. With makeup artists to assist guests with selecting their perfect set of Defining Liner, Moisture Shine Lipstick and Moisture Infusion Gloss, the room was lit with draped festoon and ring lights.

As guests were offered canapes, bubbles and custom Nude by Nature mocktails, they also received an education on the features, benefits and ingredients of the range. Guests left with a broad knowledge of the importance of “kissing toxic goodbye” with their experiences translating to social impressions and positive feedback.


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