Mita Active Hair Accessories and NZ Breakers

Brand Positioning

We were tasked with creating a brand activation for Mita Active Hair Accessories who were partnering with the Sky Sport NZ Breakers for two home games during the 2019/2020 season. Part of our brief was to drive brand awareness and encourage product trial, while looking to existing partners where suitable.  In order to achieve this, we organized a number of elements to create an eye-catching activation to draw people in.

Spark Arena, Auckland was the base for the two games that saw us set up an interactive experience at the front entrance to the stadium, as well as courtside and in the stands during a 60 second time out. We used the pre-game activation, as a fun interactive event and a time to connect with and educate the public on Mita Active and also use it as a sampling opportunity.

Our goal was to make Mita stand out and create as much impact as possible. In order to achieve this, we adopted the bright orange Mita Active brand colours in as many elements as possible, colour matching everything from the staff uniforms to the lollipops that we distributed along with the product. Along with the bright colours, we obtained a large screen which played a Mita Active video on loop and was noticeable straight away across the large forecourt area. Beneath the screen we set up our Mita Active wall custom printed with special targets and Velcro areas attached. Members of the public were invited to test their skill or just have a go, tossing a basketball, with the chance to receive prizes. Prizes included products from the Mita Active hair accessories range and orange lollipops. The wall created the opportunity for the Mita Active team to interact with the public, creating brand awareness and education.

We were required to find fit, personable, approachable and communicative people to represent Mita Active during the activations. So we did just that, building a Mita Active team of both males and females who manned the Mita Active wall, walked around chatting to people and handed out sample product. They then formed part of the courtside activation and threw product and orange lollipops out into the crowd during the Mita Active 60 second timeout.

In order to create more impact, we recruited three hip-hop dancers who interacted with people outside the stadium, challenging them to try new dance moves and helping to hand out product. Part of the dancers role was to also take centre stage on the court during the Mita Active 60 second timeout, interacting with the Breakers mascot and entertaining the crowd through different dance moves and acrobatics, while the rest of the Mita Active team handed out product in the stands. We ensured we found professional dancers who were able to both look and act the part and included one dancer from the NZ Hip Hop International World Champion crew. All had experience working with a number of professional dance crews and companies.

We estimated connecting with over 2,000 people at the activations before tip off and gave out 1,000’s of products and lollipops, challenged a few people and made heros of some.  We also saturated the stadium with Mita Active products during each 60-second timeout with our orange clad crew, danced hip hop and had a heap of fun.

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