Matcha Matcha

Matcha Matcha

Brand Positioning

A matcha green tea brand

We wanted to position Matcha Matcha as THE matcha tea brand in NZ

THE BRIEF was given the opportunity to work with Matcha Matcha — a new brand of matcha green tea. We both established that this campaign would be all about the timing. We could see by international trends that the interest in matcha green tea was increasingly growing.

Our goal was defined to create a profile for Matcha Matcha as a brand and educate media about matcha green tea which is a type of green tea stoneground into a fine powder. To do this, we wanted to capitalise on the international interest around matcha green tea and gain media attention and placement for the brand. We wanted to position Matcha Matcha as THE matcha tea brand in NZ by educating and demonstrating how to consume and other ways to incorporate the tea.


We needed to create a media send out that would affirm the position of Matcha Matcha as THE matcha tea brand. In addition to this, we wanted to ensure that we got the tea into the hands of key media and influencers who would appreciate the tea and the brand. As matcha green tea was quite new to the New Zealand market, creating an understanding of the product was crucial too. We needed to communicate with and educate the media on how consumers can use Matcha Matcha in a variety of ways and not just as a tea.


Matcha Matcha featured in over 60 publications over various media. Some of these included placement in Taste, Cuisine, Kia Ora and the NZ Herald.

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