Little Salties

Brand Positioning

Part of a unique and growing category, Little Salties is a brand that wanted to push themselves to the next level, and the way to do that was through PR.
Every budding business has to develop and carefully select their products and their point of purchase in order to get them into the hands of their target market. For Little Salties, coming to provided them with the opportunity to place products directly into the hands of interested people and media who know about emerging products. We also had the opportunity to work with Little Salties to redefine and re-activate their social media.
The aim of the PR campaign was to bring Little Salties to the attention of people who did not know about them and at the same time, educate them on clean deodorants and the importance of going aluminium free. Through this campaign, our goal was also to bring product to the attention of media.
We successfully targeted the range product to media we knew would be interested and Little Salties received numerous placements in weekly print publications and social media as a result. We also set up an exclusive opportunity to directly connect and engage with interested consumers who also chose to trial the deodorants.
Little Salties clean deodorants are sold online and in select supermarkets and health stores across the North Island.

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