Fresh to Go

Brand Positioning

Fresh to Go was contacted by Fresh To Go and asked how we approach PR. During our discussions we purchased our own Fresh To Go salads to try. We were immediately impressed with the quality and ingredient combinations. Fresh To Go also valued what we had to say.

Our focus was the Fresh To Go Layered Salads range retailing in supermarkets nationwide. We wanted to focus and communicate the Fresh To Go ethics for sourcing salad ingredients from the Greater Auckland Region, accepting only the most wholesome, crisp vegetables and ingredients. The salad combinations extended to Vegan Salad, Quinoa and Sushi Salad, with all ingredients clearly labelled on each pack.

With Fresh To Go salads great for lunch and dinner, we planned a strategic campaign that included inviting a broad cross section of social media and Influencers to select from the Layered Salad menu for both a lunch ‘buddy’ and themselves, which was delivered on their preferred day. We also invited another section of media across Greater Auckland to select from the Layered Salad range to experience over the weekend with their families. To complete the campaign, we approached a third section of media to experience Fresh To Go Layered Salads over the weekend with a ‘Saturday Sorted’ salad pack.

Each element was carefully curated, including delivery of the Layered Salads in brown paper bags, the alternative for some supermarkets.

The reception and feedback back to was extremely enthusiastic, and matched what we anticipated with all media impressed and delighted with the quality, ingredient combinations and serving sizes. The campaign came to life because of the versatile product range and fresh, high quality ingredients and flavour combinations. We achieved overwhelming positive feedback and coverage from all media who received the salads, with coverage across digital and print.


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