Equal Exes brand positioning

Brand Positioning

New Zealand’s leading divorce and relationship expert, Bridgette Jackson, approached us in 2020 and tasked us with positioning her brand, Equal Exes, and her knowledge and authority to New Zealand media.

Boasting an impressive CV that continues to grow, Bridgette is a qualified lawyer, Divorce & Settlement Strategist, a CDC certified Divorce/Separation Coach with a post graduate dispute resolution qualification and is a certified mediator.  Through her business Equal Exes, Bridgette advises and guides people through all types of divorce and relationship situations, offering a variety of services from, ‘Should I stay or should I go?’, pre-legal advice, mediation, and co-parenting advice as well as guiding individuals through a high conflict separation or divorce and advice and support.

We had plenty to work with and were excited to sink our teeth into the challenge of sharing Bridgette’s expertise and story with media. Open and forthcoming, Bridgette trusted us to find the best places to place herself and Equal Exes, with both appearing across a range of media, where Bridgette has shared her ‘how-to’ expertise, education and top tips, plus commentary on the process of divorce and separation and trends along with her own experience.  Media placements have included radio – both lifestyle and talk back radio, morning prime time TV, podcasts and news sites, national and regional newspapers, Capsule’s series ‘The Divorce Diaries’ and lifestyle magazines.

In the first six months of working with Bridgette and Equal Exes, both received in excess of 40 media appearances and placements. Bridgette has also seen a significant increase in enquiry to Equal Exes as we continue to build her reputation and position her authority.

For us, this is a great example of what can happen when a client and PR work effectively together. Great communication, trust and up to date information has led to a range of media opportunities that have seen our client’s business and reputation grow.  We continue to work with Bridgette and Equal Exes as opportunities are ongoing.

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