Eithne Curran

Brand Positioning

Eithne Curran


We were asked to introduce to a wider audience the Eithne Curran Black Collection Hair Care range. As part of our campaign we asked to introduce and profile Eithne’s Party-Ready service as both embodied everything Eithne is. Our goal was to raise awareness and create hype for both. We also elevated Eithne’s personal profile to the audience by telling the ‘Eithne Curran story’ – the person, the background, the belief and values surrounding Eithne’s skills beyond the product portfolio.
“Over the years, I found myself quite often coming across hair that was difficult to work with and lacked natural volume and body,“ Eithne says. “Rather than add product after product on top of the hair to create the effect I was after, I realised it all needed to start at the basin – you need to target the root of the problem!” – Eithne Curran


To build Eithne’s personal profile, we picked up her Party-Ready experience and focused on the summer events season e.g polo, races, and festivals. We invited select Influencers and bloggers to the studio to experience the service first-hand. In doing so, we allowed our target audience to catch a glimpse inside the Party-Ready Service for themselves. This experience created ongoing, repetitive conversation about the service across social media as the final look was shared, positioning Eithne as an integral part of each person’s look.
Eithne Curran’s Black Collection hair care range was sent out to select media and Influencers with the media release wrapped in wax-sealed black tissue in an embossed, branded Eithne Curran gift box accompanied by seasonal florals to touch on the botanical aspect of the collection and encourage social media activity. Key to this campaign was product messaging as the Black Collection was about botannicals not chemicals.


The Eithne Curran campaign gained features across print, online, numerous beauty and lifestyle blogs, as well as social media. Publications included placement in Sunday Star Times Sunday Magazine, Air New Zealand KiaOra Magazine and Herald on Sunday, FashioNZ, The Denizen and NZ Herald canvas magazine. Eithne’s studio was visited by a cross section of NZ Infleuncers, from TV and radio personalities to key Influencers. By placing the right targeted media in front of Eithne’s product and services, the results spoke for themselves.

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