Christmas with Mita Hair Accessories

Product Launch

In the latter half of 2019, we were tasked with sending out the newest Mita Hair Accessories Christmas Collection. The collection included a selection of quality hair accessories, most were Christmas themed. The products were housed in four different baubles that doubled as Christmas tree decorations and an advent calendar, which was a welcome alternative to the traditional chocolate advent calendar.

We were given an open brief which gave us the opportunity to let our creative juices flow. There were two main aspects of this collection that we wanted to highlight which were: how the accessories could be used as gifts and how all the packaging was reusable or recyclable. Moreover, we had to make these products stand out in what was approaching a very busy time of year – Christmas and summer.

We came up with the idea of sending the products how we wanted people to use them – already adorned on a Christmas tree. In order to achieve this, we sourced a premium mini Christmas tree that will last several more Christmases to come. On the Christmas tree, along with the hanging baubles, we sent gingerbread cookies decorated with Mita Christmas colours inside reusable packaging. The cookies paired with the Christmas tree created impact but also bought joy and fun.

Along with the send out, we sent a ‘12 handy tips’ card that showed how the Mita products and, in particular their packaging could be reused with ideas such as sewing kit tray, storage containers, paint tray and jelly moulds.

We enjoyed the challenge and the feedback received from media about how they used not only the hair accessories but also the packaging.  The result for media attention given to the range saw placements and mentions right up until a week before Christmas.

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