Business Continuity during COVID-19

Brand Positioning

As COVID-19 impacted NZ, resulting first in a four week nationwide lockdown and then regional Auckland lockdowns, many businesses had to adapt and rethink many parts of their business.  For some, this was a benefit as they would not ordinarily have the time for this, but for others it was out of necessity.

The opportunity to focus attention internally had businesses looking specifically to develop frameworks for preparedness. Outcomes from this were: business continuity frameworks and communications wireframes within a crisis framework, social media frameworks and tools, including revising social media communications to ensure they were current and relevant; sales and presentation collateral frameworks, and client letter series.

We had the opportunity to work with a number of brands, both in our client base and some referred to us, to guide them through the process of reworking their internal comms, template documents and on business continuity strategy wire frameworks.

We delivered solely on communications frameworks or worked one on one with clients, providing communications frameworks and also guiding them on their business continuity frameworks, which included:

  • Analysis of business pillars and adaption
  • Threat assessments
  • Business impact analysis
  • Policy frameworks
  • Business response and stability frameworks
  • Maintaining continuity plans

Relevant and up to date action plans and frameworks are essential to every business, and being prepared for any situation and scenario is vital. Having a communications agency write communications for a business is a valuable way to ensure a business is covering all their bases, whether it is for communicating through a crisis, finding more efficient ways to communicate to internal or external stakeholders, or simply forward planning.

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