Will&Able – social responsibility with a business outcome


We were asked to create a B2B event that would announce the partnership between Will&Able and Aon, and drive discussion around social responsibility with a business outcome. The result was a corporate breakfast for CEOs to connect and discuss Will&Able and their own social and environmental responsibility. An event space in the newly renovated PWC building with extensive harbour views was secured and a curated breakfast menu was set out for guests, offering a range of continental breakfast food options, alongside tea, coffee and juice.

Overall, the styling for the event was simple and clean, reflecting the professional occasion. A display station featuring ‘Will&Able yellow’ compostable balloons held Will&Able product so guests were able to see the range of products they produce.  We had custom seating for people to congregate at should they wish and bespoke ‘The Caker’ mini cakes in ‘Aon red’ and ‘Will&Able yellow’ were handed out to guests upon departure.  Will&Able videos looped on screens set up for the event and it wouldn’t have been anything without some of the Will&Able staff attending as well, to help rbing the event to life.

Three speakers each captivated guests with their unique position on the issues facing kiwis with disabilities and how businesses can become involved. Founder and CEO of Will&Able, Martin Wylie shared the Will&Able story and how they are working to create change, and the simple act of giving someone with a disability something we all take for granted – a job gives them a purpose.  CEO of Aon and Chairman of Aon Asia Pacific, Geoff Blampied, spoke of how organisations are in a position of influence to help bring about real change in the community and operate with purpose.  Finally, Olympic gold medalist and Autism NZ patron, Eric Murray, also spoke, sharing why helping people with disabilities is important to both the person and the community. Eric explained that by providing people with disabilities a purpose and a job, you are validating them on a professional and personal level, showing that what they can offer is of value to the community.

Overall the event enabled productive conversations to be had, building and fostering understanding for corporate enterprises, and inspiring businesses on ways they can help bring significant change to New Zealand communities.

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