Our Services PR is what others say, hear, and read about you

We are renowned for developing effective campaigns and communication goals which deliver results and assist to shape opinions

Consumer and Corporate PR

PR is not what you say about your brand, instead it is what others say about you and what consumers hear and read about you. Knowing your brands business goals and devising a communication strategy to get there is our goal.

Communication Planning and Writing

Communication plans, including the what and how to communicate and the written words.  We assist to create the plan of what and how and then write what is needed.

Crisis Management

Managing and crisis is different for each business and preparedness is key. All brands and businesses should have their crisis communication outline and plan.  We can assist with a framework plan and implementation if one is ever needed.

Social Media and Digital Content

All brands need a social media presence across digital platforms and should form part of any communications strategy. Social media is the opportunity to educate and develop a two-way conversation about your brand and products. We can plan, create and publish content to engage an audience with your brand across your chosen social media channels.

Media Placement

As part of a communications strategy we can plan, create and manage media placement and copy across multiple channels.

Media Relations

We know and connect with media, we develop those relationships and work with them to understand and know what they are looking for and their requirements. From product placement to bigger stories and themes we are proactive and know how to get the exposure your brand requires.

Influencers and Ambassadors

Influencers are defined as opinion shapers and influential voices consumers admire and trust. From bloggers to personalities they can all have a big impact. We work with brands as part of their communications strategy to identify and engage with those Influencers who can impact the PR and digital strategy.

Ambassadors can be an extension of an Influencer strategy across to high profile Brand Ambassadors. We work with a range of brands to secure Ambassadors at all levels. We work with Brand Ambassadors on a regular basis and can manage their involvement at events across to social media interaction.


We are natural connectors and can play an active role in forming and leveraging sponsorship opportunities. Whether it is for short or long term we can work with you to deliver a more impactful audience engagement and brand understanding.

Events and Experiential

We plan and organise events to launch products and brands. We create brand experiences, generate media and Influencer interest to get people talking and sharing.

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