Bare PR builds trust with consumers through building relationships

About Us

Building trust with consumers, comes through building relationships and building relationships come through building influence. The role of PR is to educate, engage and communicate to the wider media so when they want to talk about you it is communication you have contributed to.  What is important is the conversation and messaging – messaging such as ingredients, ethics and sustainability surrounding a company and building a relationship.

PR is a long term conversation strategy for building brand value, relationships and advocates.  Today, audiences are bombarded with a massive amount of information, they are constantly forming opinions about what they want to buy, the people, the brands they choose to trust and the business and companies they want to align with.  When advocates talk about you and recommend, their readers and followers listen, act and share and its largely positive word of mouth.

Education, building influence and reaching consumers is what we do and nobody does green like us.  We are part of the drive to educate consumers on better choices everyday.

What you stand for with consumers and staying top of mind is imperative.  How you communicate has the power to shape the way people think about your brand or service and relevance in their lives, the long-term connection and mutual trust. PR thinks as much about creating brand advocates as it does about media relations

We are natural connectors and part of the drive to educate consumers on better choices everyday.