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I’m Katie West and I am the proud leader of bare.pr. I care deeply for the state of our natural environment, for personal health and wellbeing.

Since the 1950s, our society has focused on making our lives ‘easier’ – developing and bringing products and services to market all with the aim of reducing time spent on domestic jobs. It has been about making food and drink taste better and easier to access on the go. This has resulted in our convenience food coming loaded with processed sugar, as well as a myriad of chemicals – not to mention artificial flavours! Products have been developed which will allow us to look a different way and to allow them to do more, they become packed with chemicals and man-made ingredients that are absorbed into the body. Heavy marketing has supported this and we have been bombarded with confusing or incomplete information around the foods we eat and the products we use.

I was drawn to bare.pr to increase the information in the market around healthier, natural and organic, more planet-friendly options. I want to be part of the drive to show people better choices every day and to choose products like those of our incredible clients to ensure that we all can live healthy, long lives on a stable planet.

Thoughts such as these are a constant reminder that we must make conscious decisions to minimise the impact that we have on the planet to ensure we leave it no worse than we found it. Our children’s generation should not have to clean up the mess that years of ‘profit before people and planet’ has created.

Bare.pr is firm in our core beliefs, and if this resonates with you, I would love to know.

• Embrace and Drive Change
• Be Real
• Be Creative and Open Minded
• Be Adventurous
• Be Determined and Passionate
• Build Conversations and Relationships
• Be a Strong Team

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